truck-mounted concrete pump

Truck Mounted Concrete Pump

Truck mounted concrete pump is a concrete pump mounted on the chassis of a motor vehicle, which is flexible and easy to move. It can be divided into truck mounted concrete pump and truck mounted concrete pump boom according to whether to have the concrete placing boom or not. It combines the advantages of concrete trailer pumps and concrete pump trucks, which have the characteristics of portable movement, high working efficiency, long conveying distance and low maintaining costs. As an efficient mechanical machine, concrete pump plays an important role in the construction projects, which makes it favored by people all around the world. Truck-mounted concrete pumps are mainly used for factories, buildings, bridges, rail transit, airport, etc.

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truck mounted concrete pump
Our truck-mounted concrete pump was exported to Australia
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Our truck mounted concrete pumps for sale has been exported to Australia because of its excellent performance. This machine can be widely used in many concrete construction projects. If you buy our truck mounted concrete pump, and it will bring a good performance for you. This equipment can speed up your construction project and improve your construction efficiency, which really deserves to be owned by you.

Components of Truck Mounted Concrete Pump


Truck mounted concrete pump generally consists of chassis, power system, pumping system, mixing system, cooling system, electrical system, hydraulic system, cleaning system, lubrication system, etc.

Working principle: The hydraulic pump is driven by the engine to produce pressure oil, and the piston in the two concrete conveying tanks is driven by two main oil cylinders to produce reciprocating movements. Through the orderly movement between the S valve and the main oil cylinder, the concrete is sucked into the tank from the hopper and sent to the construction site through the conveying pipeline.


truck-mounted pump
truck-mounted pump
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According to the relationship between driving power and pumping power, truck mounted pump can be divided into two types: power-sharing truck mounted pump and non-power-sharing truck mounted pump.

The power-sharing truck mounted pump uses only one engine to transfer the power to the chassis driving system or pumping system according to the need. It has the advantages of compact structure, beautiful appearance, large maintenance space and easy maintenance. But the cost of fuel consumption is slightly higher than that of non-power-sharing type.

Non-power-sharing truck mounted concrete pump for sale uses two engines, one of which is used for the chassis engine of vehicle; the other is an additional engine and used for pumping power. The non – power-sharing pump can be divided into the diesel truck mounted concrete pump and electric truck mounted concrete pump according to the different engine. The chassis engine of non-power-sharing truck mounted pump has long service life. If the pumping engine doesn’t work in the process of pumping, the whole car can be transferred quickly.

Item HBCS80 HBCS90
Maximum Theoretical Concrete Output (Low/High Pressure)( m3/h) 81~88 96
Maximum Concrete Pumping Pressure (Low/High Pressure) (Mpa) 16/13 18
Concrete Slump (Mm) 80-230 80-230
Aggregate Size (Mm) Pebble≤50 Pebble≤50
Gravel≤40 Gravel≤40
Power (KW) 110 176
Speed (r/Min) 1480 2200
Conveying Cylinder Diameter (Mm) Φ230/1650 Φ230/1650
Type Of Distribution Valve S Valve S Valve
Fuel Tank Capacity (L) 600 600
Hopper Capacity (m³) 0.8 0.8
Filling Height (Mm) 1400 1400
Maximum Theoretical Conveying Distance(m) Horizontal:1200 Horizontal:1200
Vertical:180 Vertical:180
Hydraulic System Pressure(Mpa) 32 32
Overall Dimension (Mm) 9000×2500×3070 9000×2500×3070
Total Weight (Kg) 11425 11425

Features And Advantages

1. Equipped with PLC intelligent control system, truck mounted concrete pumps can work smoothly and stably.

2. Automatic lubrication system can ensure the continuous operation of the machine for a long time.

3. Wireless remote control replaces the traditional control console, and makes the operation easier.

4. With full hydraulic reversing open loop hydraulic system, concrete pump truck for sale has smaller reversing impact.

5. Equipped with high power air cooling system, concrete truck pump for sale can work smoothly for a long time.

6. With advanced S valve system and sealing parts having great performance, it can reduce the plugging rate.

7. With high-efficient cleaning system, it is easy to clean hopper and delivery pipeline.

8. The main cylinder has unique design. Automatic one-way oil filling device plays a good role in buffering, which effectively solves the problems of system instability, oil temperature rising and the components of hydraulic system easy to aging caused by impact.

9. Compared with other companies, we will provide you with the most reasonable truck mounted concrete pump price and the best service.

How To Choose A Right Truck Mounted Concrete Pump

mounted truck pump
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truck-mounted concrete pump
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1. Comprehensive consideration should be given to concrete engineering object, characteristics, required maximum distance of transportation, the form of concrete pump and specific conditions.

2. The performance of truck mounted pump is random and different. In addition to considering the volume of concrete mixing, the type and structure of building, construction technical requirements, site conditions and environment should also be considered when selecting the type of truck mounted concrete pump. The main performance parameters of the usually selected truck mounted pump should be consistent with the construction requirements. If the capacity is too large, the utilization ratio is low; on the contrary, if its capacity is too small, this not only cannot meet the requirements but also accelerate the loss of the truck mounted concrete pump.

3. The operation control system is equipped with manual, wired and wireless control methods. Wire control is convenient and flexible. Wireless remote control can be operated remotely. Once the circuit fails, manual operation can be adopted.

4. The power of the truck pump comes from the engine, so besides the performance and quality of the engine, you should also consider the performance, bearing capacity and quality of the chassis.

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Our company is a leading enterprise of China construction equipment. As a Henan famous brand, not only our truck-mounted concrete pump, but also our concrete mixer truck, concrete trailer pump, concrete mixer and pump, concrete batching plant, concrete mixer, pump truck, dry mortar production line, block making machine and stabilized soil mixing plant and other products are also delivered to all over the world. As a verified supplier by BV and Alibaba, we have extensive experience for sale concrete mixer truck in China. Up to now, our products have exported to American, France, New Zealand, Nigeria, Togo, Russia, Philippines, Indonesia, Australia and other 80 different countries.

With the favorable price, thoughtful service and best quality, our truck mounted concrete pump is renowned at home and abroad. If you are interested in our truck mounted concrete pump for sale, please contact us.

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