mixer pump

The Maintenance of Concrete Mixer Pump

The purpose of the maintenance of the concrete mixer pump is to maintain good performance and reliability, to increase the service life, to reduce the consumption of oil, which prevents accidents, ensures the safety of driving and operation and improves economic and social benefits. The steps are as follows.

mixer pump

1.Cleaning: Cleaning is the basis for improving maintenance quality, decreasing wear of machine parts and reducing oil consumption. You should ensure that the filters can work properly, and hydraulic oil is not polluted. There is no obstruction of the pipeline.

2.Checking: Checking is to determine whether the technical performance of each component is normal, whether it is reliable or not, whether there is any variation or damage to the parts of the machine through the methods of inspection, testing, etc.

3.Fastening: Due to the bumps, vibrations and hot expansion and cool contraction of the parts, the fastening of each component will change, even become loose, damaged and lost. Therefore, all fasteners must be complete and without damage. The installation is firm and the degree of fastening conforms to the requirements.

4.Adjusting: You should be familiar with the technical requirements of the adjustment, then according to the adjustment methods and steps, adjust the components carefully and conscientiously.

5.Lubricating: Lubrication is an important work to prolong the service life of concrete line pump, including engine, gear box, hydraulic cylinder, brake cylinder and transmission components. Choose Lubricant correctly according to different regions and seasons. The tool for filling oil should be clean, the oil nozzle should be wiped clean, and the injection quantity should be in accordance with the requirements.

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