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small concrete mixer with pump
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Small concrete mixer and pump plays an important role in the booming construction market. In recent years, with the development of the economy, the speed of the construction industry is growing faster and faster. More and more clients want to buy small concrete pump. The small concrete pump is a kind of construction machinery that conveys the concrete through the pipeline, then pours concrete to the construction surface through horizontal and vertical transportation. Its working principle is that the motor drives the oil pump to produce the pressure oil, and the pressure oil drives the cylinder, which makes the piston rod of the cylinder drives the piston to push the concrete into the conveying pipe. By the S valve and the main oil cylinder, the concrete is continuously sucked from the concrete hopper and is transported to the pouring site through the pipeline.

Our Small Concrete Mixer Pump In Different Countries

JBS30 small concrete mixer with pump in Ethiopia

JBS30 in Ethiopia

Our JBS30 small concrete mixer with pump was successfully exported to Ethiopia. Before exporting, our customers from Ethiopia visited our factory and our Aimix office. During communicating with our sales manager, our customers is satisfied for our company. Therefore, they decided to cooperate with us. As a professional and reliable company, we not only provide you with small concrete mixer with pump, but also concrete mixer pump for sale, concrete trailer pump, concrete boom pump for sale, concrete line pump, truck mounted concrete pump and so on. If you choose us, we believe that you can find a suitable machine.

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Our JB40R small concrete mixer pump in Malaysia

JB40R in Malaysia

Good news! Aimix Group JB40R small concrete mixer with pump for sale was smoothly send to Malaysia. Under the help of our engineers, small concrete mixer with pump for sale successfully installed and worked normally. At the same time, our engineers help our customers train their operators. Since our company founded, our machine has won good reputation by our customers because of its stable performance, high quality and high working efficiency. Aimix Group not only provide you with high-quality equipment, but also affordable small concrete pump price and thoughtful service.

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Classification of Small Concrete Mixer And Pump

According to the form of distribution valve, small concrete mixer with pumps can be divided into gate valve small concrete mixer and pump and S-valve small concrete mixer and pump. Due to its high quality, high availability and easy cleaning, S-valve is often used in the construction of high-rise buildings.

According to the dynamic system, there are two types of small concrete pump, electric small concrete mixer pump and diesel small concrete mixer pump.

Electric small concrete mixer with pump

The electrical control system of electric small concrete pump has been greatly improved, which reach a high level of automation. It adopts advanced hydraulic pump that has the characteristic of high reliability and safety. The lubrication system can ensure sufficient oil feeding with high efficiency and energy saving. It is easy to operate. The electric concrete pump mixer can make uniform concrete and pump concrete smoothly along the pipeline with good performance.

JBS10 electric small mixer pump
JBS30 electric small concrete mixer with pump
JBS40 electric concrete pump for sale

Model: JBS10-JZC200
Max. Theoretical Conveying Capacity: 10m3/h
Motor Power: 33.05kw
Max Aggregate Size: 20mm
Max Horizontal Conveying Distance: 300m
Max Vertical Conveying Distance: 100m
Mixer Model: JZC200

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Model: JBS30-JZC350
Max. Theoretical Conveying Capacity: 30m3/h
Motor Power: 47.55kw
Max Aggregate Size: 30mm
Max Horizontal Conveying Distance: 500m
Max Vertical Conveying Distance: 120m
Mixer Model: JZC350

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Model: JBS40-JZC350
Max. Theoretical Conveying Capacity: 40m3/h
Motor Power: 55.75kw
Max Aggregate Size: 40mm
Max Horizontal Conveying Distance: 600m
Max Vertical Conveying Distance: 150m
Mixer Model: JZC350

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Item Unit JBS10-JZC200 JBS30-JZC350 JBS40-JZC350 JBS40-JS500 JBS40-JS750
Max. Theoretical Conveying Capacity m3/h 10 30 40 40 40
Motor Power KW 33.05 47.55 55.75 70.1 83.6
Max Aggregate Size mm 20 30 40 40 40
Max. Horizontal Conveying Distance m 300 500 600 600 600
Max. Vertical Conveying Distance m 100 120 150 150 150
Mixer Model JZC200 JZC350 JZC350 JS500 JS750
Input Volume L 250 560 560 750 1200
Output Volume L 200 350 350 500 750
Outline Dimension (L*W*H) mm 4100x2300x 4200x2300x 4200x2300x 5100x2250x 5200x2250x
2250 2600 2600 2860 3110
Weight Kg 3200 4200 4500 5500 6500

Diesel engine small concrete pumps for sale

The diesel small concrete mixer and pump is well-received in the areas which lack of electricity. Besides, mixing and pumping can simplify the working procedure, which can improve working efficiency. The hydraulic system has optimized S-tube valve to ensure excellent concrete pumping ability, high pumping speed and less congestion.

JB30R diesel small size concrete pump

Model: JB30R
Max. Theoretical Conveying Capacity: 30m3/h
Distribution valve type: S Valve
Diesel engine model: 4100
Max. Theoretical Vertical Conveying Distance: 120m
Max. Theoretical Horizontal Conveying Distance: 600m
Max. Aggregate Diameter: 30mm

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Model: JB40R
Max. Theoretical Conveying Capacity: 40m3/h
Distribution valve type: S Valve
Diesel engine model: Deutz
Max. Theoretical Vertical Conveying Distance: 150m
Max. Theoretical Horizontal Conveying Distance: 600m
Max. Aggregate Diameter: 40mm

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Item Unit HBT0804-JZC200 JB30R-JZC350 JB40R-JZC350
Max. Theoretical Conveying Capacity m3/h 10 30 40
Distribution valve type S valve S valve S valve
Mixer Type JZC200 JZC350 JZC350
Max. Theoretical Vertical Conveying Distance m 80 120 150
Max. Theoretical Horizontal Conveying Distance m 200 600 600
Max. Aggregate Diameter mm 20 30 40
Mixing Time s 45-60 45-60 45-60
Length×Width×Height mm 4120×2100×2600 5500×2300×2700 6000×2300×3150
Weight Kg 3000 5000 5200

Features of Small Concrete Mixer With Pump

1. S-valve: Small concrete pump adopts advanced s-valve to reverse with no congestion, which can transport mortar concrete and commercial mortar concrete. The S-valve can compensate wear clearance automatically with good sealing performance.

2. Anti-pumping function: It has anti-pumping function, which can timely troubleshoot the non-working pipes and stop work to wait for concrete in a short time.

3. Glass plates and cutting rings: They all use wear-resisting hardness alloy materials, which can increase its service life. The longest life of glass plates can reach over 30 thousand cube.

4. High pressure in outlet: That can satisfy the pumping needs of high-rise building and remote distance construction.

5. Lubrication system: It adopts automatic centralized lubrication system, which can ensure efficient lubrication in the working process.

small diesel concrete mixer pump
small diesel concrete mixer pump
Hydraulic oil pump
Hydraulic oil pump
hydraulic system

6. Air-cooling system: The hydraulic oil cooling adopts air-cooling system, which is convenient to use with good cooling effect. Moreover, it is not easy to pollute the hydraulic oil.

7. Displacement: Small concrete pump with mixer can change the displacement manually, which can meet the different discharging speed demands of users.

8. Wireless control: The equipment uses wireless remote control technology, improving the control distance. The product is easy to operate with humanization design.

9. Anti-wearing concrete cylinder: The use of concrete cylinder increases the lifespan of concrete pump and reduces the cost of maintenance.

10. Main oil cylinder: The main oil cylinder plate chromium in inner bore, the new technology can solve the problems of main oil cylinder damage due to dirty oil.

About Our Company

Our company

With rich experience in manufacturing and exporting, our construction machine has been transported to more than 80 countries all over the world, such as, Malaysia, Ethiopia, Pakistan, Philippines, the United States, Australia, Burma, Uzbekistan, Vietnam and so on. As the small concrete pump supplier, we can provide customers not only high quality concrete pump mixer for sale with reasonable price, but also reliable services. Our group has established for more than 30 years, and we are working on design, production and marketing. Our concept is customer first. Once you place an order, we will serve you heart and soul. Furthermore, we will provide you pre-sale service, on-purchase service and after-sale service. Trust us like the other old customers do, we firmly believe that our machine will bring you huge gains. If you need a concrete mixer and pump, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Clean the S-Valve Small-sized Concrete Pump

In the process of the conveying concrete, cleaning of concrete pump is also an essential and important step after pumping. A good cleaning method can not only clean the conveying pipeline, but also transport all the concrete in the pipe to the pouring place, which not only does not waste concrete, but also is economical and environmental. There are three kinds of washing methods that are usually used in S-valve small-sized concrete pump. These are directly pumping water method, removing the tubes method and adding the piston method. The above three kinds of small concrete pump with mixer washing methods have their own advantages and disadvantages, among which the most reliable method is the method of removing the tubes, and the most simplest method is the method of adding the piston. If the conveying distance is relatively short, the directly pumping water method is also a good choice. You can choose the specific cleaning methods based on the actual situation of construction, in short, to achieve both effective and economic.

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