Notices When You Are Using Concrete Pump


1.Blind removal of the engine thermostats

The maintenance of engine thermostat in summer is very important. If the engine thermostat is removed blindly, because of the high temperature, the cooling system can only be used in a large period. Since the cooling intensity cannot be adjusted, it is difficult to ensure that the engine works at the right temperature. On the contrary, if the engine often works at low temperature, it will probably lead to the loss and wear of engine power and increase the fuel consumption. If the engine thermostat is repaired or replaced, and the engine temperature is high, the rest of the cooling system should be maintained. The thermostat cannot be removed blindly.

2.High engine temperature


In daily construction, some people think that the engine temperature can’t be high. In fact, low temperatures do a lot of damage to the engine. Concrete line pump should be used in a standardized manner within the normal temperature range to ensure the life of the engine.

3.Idle engine

When the engine is idle, because of the low speed, the pump can not be used quickly, which will lead to low oil pressure. All moving parts in the engine work under dry or semi-dry friction conditions to atomize the fuel at low temperature, while the unburned fuel enters the crankcase and removes the oil film from the cylinder wall, which also accelerates the wear of the parts. So the engine should work quickly and improve the lubricating conditions of the engine.

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