HPS05 Mortar pump

Mortar Cement Pump for Sale

Mortar cement pump for sale, also known as the fine stone mortar pump, is an automatic equipment for delivering fine stone mortar and cement concrete. Using oil pressure as power, its vertical pumping height can reach 100 to 150 meters, and horizontal transportation distance can reach 400 to 500 meters. In addition, the mortar pump has the advantages of good quality and high performance. If you want to purchase the machine at favorable price, it is wise to select the machine from our company.

Mortar cement pump for sale

Wild Application

Wild application
Wild application

1. Transportation of foamed cement, mortar and small aggregate concrete for floor heating and heat insulation.

2. Transportation and spray of fire-resistant and thermal materials.

3. Transportation and spray of greening soil in the construction of ecological environment.

4. Transportation and spray of plain concrete and fiber concrete in all kinds of engineering construction.

5. Pressure grouting for all kinds of foundation piles.

Features of Mortar Concrete Pump For Sale

1. Adopt the advanced S valve to change direction: This can satisfy the needs of transportation of fine stone concrete or the commercial fine stone concrete, and it is not easy to block the pipeline. More importantly, the S valve ensures the smooth and reliable transportation.

2. Glass plate and cutting ring: As the main parts of mortar concrete pump, the glass plate and cutting ring have long service life, because they are made from anti-wear alloy materials.

3. High pressure at the outlet: It can meet the transportation requirements of high-rise buildings and long-distance construction.

4. The cooling of hydraulic oil adopt air cooling system: This has good cooling effect and makes the machine easy to use.

5. Advanced wireless remote control function: This can improve remote control distance, and facilitate remote control operation, which makes the product more humanized.

6. The main cylinder adopts the latest technology, and the chrome-plated inner bores prevent from the damage of main cylinder due to the dirty oil.

7. Wear resistant concrete cylinder of mortar cement pump: It guarantee and increase the service life of concrete pump, and save the maintenance cost of the clients.

Main Components of  Mortar Pump

hydraulic system
hydraulic system
The Hopper

1. Double loop open system

Hydraulic system adopts double loop open system with one pump. Variable piston pump with constant power is used in the main oil pump to ensure the system running smoothly and reliably. Automatically and manually adjust the output volume so that the main pump and engine are effectively protected.

2. Compulsory air cooling system

The machine adopts forced air cooling and large radiator device, which can better adapt to the environment of construction site and ensure that the oil temperature of the hydraulic system is in the normal working range, so as to ensure the main engine of hydraulic system is in a normal working state.

3. Hopper

The optimized design of the hopper ensures good absorption. The hopper is equipped with a grating with different specifications and different materials and a vibrator.

Working Principle

A portable mortar pump for sale is a construction machinery for transporting concrete horizontally and vertically through pipes. Its basic working principle: The motor drives oil pump to generate the oil under pressure, which drives oil cylinder. Piston rod of oil cylinder drives the piston to make the concrete in the cylinder into the pipeline. Through the constant action between concrete distribution valve and the main oil cylinder, the concrete from the hopper is sucked into cylinder, then through the conveying line is transported into the pouring place.

Specification of Mortar Cement Pump For Sale

HPS05 Mortar pump
HPS05 Mortar pump
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HPS10 Mortar pump
HPS10 Mortar pump
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As the cement grouting pump supplier, our company is always to design, manufacture and supply the good pumps for the clients. We provide not only diesel type of mortar pump for you but also the electric type of mortar concrete pump for you. Thus the pumps manufactured in our company will satisfy the requirements of various kinds of construction sites.

In order to improve the performance of pumping, the small concrete pump can make high pressure, so that it can meet the demands of long-distance and high rise constructions.

Additionally, when mortar concrete pump works, the clients can adjust the discharge speed easily. And the remote control enables the machine to be humanized.

Here is technical performance as follows.


About Our Company

Our company

With the development of company, we has become the reliable cooperative partner for the clients. We have provided the cement mortar pump for many countries, such as, Indonesia, the Philippines, Russia, Malaysia and so forth. If you select our equipment, we are confident that we will offer good machines and perfect service for you. With over 30 years of concrete pump manufacturing experience, we offer whole set of purchase services. After getting your inquiry, our professional salesman will analyze and offer the best machine for your works. All the details and engineering drawings can be discussed and painted by our engineers, which avoid the errors and mistakes at most. Then, our documentation clerk will be responsible for the whole product delivery process, which ensures the machine can be sent to your country quickly and safely. In addition, we offer heartfelt after-sale service, and we will offer timely reply and help if there is any problem or puzzle in the production process.

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