How Does Concrete Pump Trailer Work


Trailer concrete pumps consists of hopper, pump body, hydraulic cylinder for driving slide valve, slide valve, conveying cylinder, main hydraulic cylinder and priority valve. It has three systems to ensure the normal work of the trailer concrete pumps, namely the main power system, the pumping system, and the hydraulic and electric control system.

hydraulic system
hydraulic system
control system

The two concrete piston connects with the two piston rods respectively. When the machine works, the hydraulic pressure will enable the concrete piston to go forward and backward. Meanwhile, the cylinder will goes forward and backward with the driving of the concrete piston. Moreover, the outlet of the cylinder connects with the hopper. One end of the distribution valve connects with the discharge port. And the other end of the distribution valve connects with the swing arm, so that the valve can swing with the swing of the cylinder.

When trailer pump pumps concrete, the concrete piston goes forward and back ward under the effect of the main oil cylinder. At the same time, the distribution valve and concrete cylinder will connect with the concrete cylinder and hopper respectively. When the concrete piston goes backward, the concrete in the hopper will be sucked into the concrete cylinder. When it goes forward, the concrete in the cylinder will be pushed into the distribution valve and pumped. If the concrete piston goes backward to the end, the reversing device will come into effect. The main oil cylinder and the swing oil cylinder will reverse. Then the distribution valve connects with concrete cylinder, and the concrete cylinder connects with the hopper. In this way, the piston can goes forward and backward regularly, and the cement pumping equipment will pump concrete continuously.

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